Frequently Asked Questions

We have tried to answer most of the common questions frequently asked by our customers. Please, always feel free to contact us to clarify any other questions which are not included in the FAQ page.

What is the Booking Process?
  • Booking process starts with you filling the booking form.
  • Once the booking is completed and submitted, we will contact you through phone or email.
  • Booking is confirmed once you have replied/contacted us and acknowledge our request.
  • Payments can be made to the driver once your trip is finished. A receipt is issued at each trip if requested.
Can I cancel a Booking ?

Absolutely, you can cancel a booking before 24 hours of the time of pickup.

What about baby seats? Is there a charge?

Our vehicles are equipped with air conditioning, WiFi, DVD players. For your children’s safety, we provide private taxis with baby seats. There are no hidden costs, these services are provided with no additional cost to our customers.

How much luggage can I take with me? Are there any restrictions on number of pieces or weight?

Each passenger can take their luggages without any count or weight limit. However please notify us in advance when making your reservation about your luggage requirements.

Can I carry my bicycle, ski equipment, guitars or any similar sports/musical equipments etc. ?

Guitar and similar small equipment can be treated as small luggage. Other items such as bicycle or similar items requires payment of an extra fee, the amount depends on your ultimate destination when using the transfer service. You should notify us these information at the time when you make your reservation.

Is it allowed to use the transfer service for animals?

It is possible to take living animals after a payment of an extra fee. They must be accommodated in a suitable carrying case, which is kept in good and secure condition, and that you have the necessary documents (e.g. a pet passport). Please do notify us at the time you make your reservation.

I am physically challenged. Can I travel with a wheelchair? ?

A wheelchair can be transported if you have booked a Private Transfer. Wheelchair is transferred free of charge.

I need help to carry my luggage. Can I ask for further assistance from the driver?

This service provided free of charge. The driver will carry your luggage from the arrival point to the transfer vehicle and from the car to the hotel/airport/train station entrance upon arrival, and from the car to the departure hall entrance for airport drops.

What should I do if I’ve lost a piece of property?

If you’ve lost a piece of your property on board one of our vehicles, please contact immediately. We will be able to help you. However, there will be charges involved if that involves shipping goods to your country of residence.